Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018, how’s it been so far?

The first week has been spent trying to resist all the left over chocolates and sweets lying around the place after Christmas. Work has also happened of course, we haven’t just been staring at chocolates, dribbling. We have some lovely events for clients coming up this month and have started working on events in Q4 of this year already.

My personal New Years resolution has been set at finding a new hobby. I go from work life to home life in a blissful blur, not to be smug or cliche but if you do what you love it’s not really work. I’ve decided I’m going to join a choir, I love to sing and there a few local ones that are in need of new members so I’m going to get out there and meet new people and try to keep in tune!

Now, what’s Select Event Solutions New Years resolution?

Can I be generic and say ‘Growth’? What does that mean to me? Well, it means maturity. SES is 18 months old, we reach two years in July this year, after which we won’t be able to call ourselves a #startup anymore, #sadtimes.

This quarter we see a new office in Richmond, Surrey and also a new Venue Finding Executive who we are super excited to start with us. In our first year we did over 200 events and we are on track to do more this year in even more exciting locations.

Hope you can join us again for this year’s adventure, remember to check out our Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages to see what we’re up to.