Being Green

We’ve been in the office just over two months now and whilst it was quiet over the Easter break I decided to have a spring clean. How dirty could it have gotten in 6 weeks……? You’d be surprised. As much as having Diesel in the office is amazing he also brings in a lot of dirt no matter how much he gets wiped down and cleaned after a walk……perhaps it’s Francesca…..perhaps it’s me!

Whilst I was clearing up the cupboards, which mainly involved moving things from one shelf to another, I counted an impressive 25 USB sticks and kilograms of brochures and literature from venues & hotels. There and then I made the executive decision that from now on we will be a paperless company.

Brochures and information can be sent via email and as a company we work within the cloud so sharing documents and folders is something we do on a daily basis.

Plus it’s better for the environment and that is something that is hugely important to me – I’m not ashamed to say I call myself an environmentalist, I recycle, I walk to work, I don’t eat meat or any animal product and I am very conscious about the products I buy, where they come from and how they get to me.

I recently read about Australia’s first fully vegan hotel and this got me thinking about hotels and venues closer to home that are doing their bit for the environment and working in a sustainable way, so here are my top picks;

  1. The Crystal – One of the world’s most sustainable buildings based in Royal Victoria Dock, London
  2. Careys Manor Hotel – Situated in the New Forest awarded Gold in Green Tourism and they even give you a discount if you arrive via public transport.
  3. Edwardian Hotels – a group of 12 four & five star UK hotels with a focus on ethics, culture, community & the environment.
  4. Carden Park – A 1000 acre estate in the Cheshire Countryside awarded Gold in Green Tourism with their own Vineyard!

Get in touch if you know of any other environmentally friendly hotels and venues – we’d love to hear more!